About Inkstinct

Inkstinct is the first project that offers tattoo enthusiasts a comprehensive database of the best contemporary tattoo designs from the world’s best artists, as well as useful information on tattoo care, favorite studios, curiosities, and trends. Starting with a large collection of studios in 2014, they developed an algorithm to create the only app that represents the most important worldwide collection of tattoo studios, images, and works. In just one year they created a database with more than 380,000 studios, each of which are synced directly with Facebook. In 2016 they allowed single artists to connect within their Instagram page and introduced the very first tattoo social network where users could upload their tattoos, find the best artist or studio in every city in the world, and experience tattoos as pure forms of art. Inkstinct’s main Instagram page now has more than 650,000 followers, including artists and fans from all over the globe.

First published in 2009, the mobile app has been featured in the Apple App Store twice (2014 and 2017) and has been downloaded comprehensively by more than 8M users.

Worked on

2009 - PRESENT

  • Responsible for leading the UX and UI design of the iOS, Android, Apple TV versions as well as the desktop platform.
  • Develop strategic plans for long term goals and product roadmap, all informed by user research and behavioral learnings. Lead a team of 8 developers and partner closely to execute, innovate, test and optimize.
  • Successfully reached the milestone of 2M+ followers across multiple Instagram pages: @inkstinct.co @inkstinctcolors, @tattooarmada, @tattoorandom
  • Manage the growth/editorial content of the global most popular tattoo Pinterest page.